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From Jasmine Davis’ blog Brooklyn or Bust.


I’ve made some mistakes along the way. Not just through this crazy city but just life. They say that living in the city makes you hard, and callous, because it’s required. Otherwise you’ll get sucked into every little thing that happens. So you walk around the person who’s hurt. You ignore the homeless person who’s begging for money. And so on and so forth.

I didn’t move here misty-eyed and donning red-glasses, but my last shred of idealism – with a dash of naiveté – is all but gone, lost. It’s my fault, but still.
Instead of sitting down, thinking things through, weighing the pros and cons, I just do things on a whim. Things that can possibly be dangerous.

So for now, I’ll exercise cynicism to the fullest extent of the law. Assume everyone is trying to take something from me. I’d rather have a huge wall of armor around me and take it off bit by bit than be open and vulnerable and believe the best in people and get taken advantage of. That’s not right.

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