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Top 5 Things I’ve Learned in NYC

5. How to Run Up and Down Numerous and Steep Subway Stairs (In Heels)

Good skill to have in NYC. Not really applicable anywhere else and thus can’t be included on future resumes. I am impressed however that after 4 years of running around Iowa in sneakers, it has only taken me a few short months to navigate the 59th Street uptown stairs in heels. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

4. Tourists Will Take Pictures of ANYTHING

As a tourist of other countries and states and cities, I should be understanding of the thrill they feel to be outside of Tiffany’s. But as an employee of the building next door who is running late to work— I can not understand. And, as a budding New Yorker, I don’t have to. I should also be thrilled I live somewhere that people idealize and idolize. I am thrilled, it’s beautiful here! But giving a thumbs up in front of a hot dog cart does not thrill me.

3. You Really Shouldn’t Lean on Subway Doors

I almost lost my arm last Friday night. (It could have been the doors… OR it could have been the 1/2/3 line getting revenge since I frequently vocalize my hatred for it.)

2. Drinking on the Subway is Not Fashionable but it is a Trend

I’ve seen dirty old men pull flasks of whiskey out of their pants while simultaneously releasing the most potent, unwashed smell I have ever encountered. I’ve seen college-aged girls swig from Arizona Iced Tea gallon jugs while barely being sober enough to sit and lift. Neither was appealing. Both made me smile. Silver lining, people.

1. The MTA Has No Idea What They Are Doing

No, really. What is going on there?

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