Mike’s Moment

Mike is a Musician, Painter, Interior Designer, Stylist just trying to create 7 days of the week in this city. Easily inspired and often distracted, hours of mindless television are justified as long as he is simultaneously creating something, anything, and everything. Mike is a walking dichotomy always looking for the next project, paycheck, opportunity, and distraction….all of which are so easily fueled by this amazing city.

Harrison Home Designs

Tracy’s Moment

Tracy Kaler — well, Tracy Lynn Bertolet-Kaler to be exact. Tracy was a cool kid who grew up in the 1970′s; the era before computers, cell phones and of course social media. Perhaps this is the reason that she rebelled and started a blog.

Tracy has been fortunate enough to lead an interesting, well-rounded life with much of it focused on the performing and visual arts. She owe this mostly to her mom, who sent Tracy to dance school at the age of five for weak ankles. She never thought that Tracy would still be dancing 25 years later. The same way she never thought that a trip to Manhattan at age twelve would result in a life-long pursuit to live in New York City. But it did, and here she is. It took 28 years, but Tracy made it.

Dancer, interior designer, amateur cook/foodie, fashionista wannabe, creative soul, blogger, writer, and more. Once you are something, you will always be that something. Due to a long list of injuries, Tracy no longer dances, but she will always be a dancer. Although Tracy doesn’t design for a living anymore, she still tries to stay immersed in the design world in New York City. Doubt that will ever change since she was blessed with the decorating gene.

So what does Tracy do now? She writes.  She writes about her life in this most amazing city which inspires her each and every day. Tracy writes about daily occurrences, city experiences, trials and tribulations of middle age, marriage, owning a neurotic Chocolate Labrador Retriever, and a food-obsessed cat with four teeth. In addition to her blog, Tracy writes for small businesses,, and several New York City publications.

Tracy can usually be found wandering somewhere around the Upper West Side where she lives with her husband Mike and their four-legged children. Oh and the most important fact—TRACY LOVES NY!

Tracy’s New York Life

Mark’s Moment

Mark is an East Coast transplant by way of California and Nevada–an open-minded, liberal Aquarian basically.  Mark has lived happily in New York since 2000. He is a senior at The New School, obtaining a BA in creative writing and film.  Mark has worked in the entertainment and interior design industries and is presently writing his first non-fiction book as well as a screenplay for a horror movie.  In his spare time, Mark enjoys traveling to Europe, watching independent cinema, working out, and eating out in cool NYC restaurants.

Lovely Lonely City

Sean’s Story

Once exposed to the energy and passion of NYC, Sean knew he was home after a lifetime of globetrotting. Like many creative spirits, it only took one breath of New York air to know that this is where he would settle down and try to make his mark. Walking out of Penn Station in 1998, with nowhere to live and knowing not a soul, he and his backpack ended up at the 23rd street McBurney YMCA. The rest, as they say, is history.

Sean has lived in Hells Kitchen, Midtown, the Upper West Side, the Lower East Side, and even the boogie down Bronx. He has worked as an actor and a writer and loves living in NYC. He focuses mostly on short stories and poetry. Sean is a New Yorker through and through and can’t ever imagine living anywhere else. The rest are just details, but of course details are where the real stories lie. You can see more of those details at his website.

Marilyn’s Moment

Marilyn is a young girl from Corona Queens. She is 18 and is currently going to massage school. Marilyn just likes to write and let people read what she wrote.

Mindy’s Moment

Mindy Matijasevic, born, raised, and residing in the Bronx (the only borough that refers to Manhattan simply as “downtown”), teaches adults who have returned to school to complete their basic education.  She is also a published poet and prose writer listed with Poets&Writers (and two-time winner of the BRIO award from the Bronx Council on the Arts, once for non-fiction literature and once for poetry — BRIO stands for Bronx Recognizes Its Own).  Mindy Matijasevic is also an actress and a stand-up comic.  Her comedy, with just a few bleeps, was aired on WBAI’s feminist radio program, “Joy of Resistance,” produced and hosted by Fran Luck.  As an actress, she’s been in numerous films and stage productions.  In one review, she was highlighted as the standout performance of the evening.

Her calendar of comedy shows will be updated as bookings happen on both her blog and her myspace page.

Tom’s Moment

Thomas Angelo grew up in Glens Falls, NY, and got his Master’s in Library Science at SUNY Albany in 1994. He has lived and worked in Brooklyn as a librarian since 1996. From 2004-2006 Tom wrote a comic strip, “8 Million Stories” (illustrated by Robert Lebowitz) in The L Magazine.  He am also a musician and songwriter, and some of his songs can be heard at

You can also contact Tom at

Ryan’s Moment (An Excerpt)

Ryan Buynak is a very good-looking young man who happens to be the future of American Poetrys. He is a pop-culture casualty, a voice of a generation that takes a trusty lighter to the poet stereotype and sets it on fire. He lives in New York City. And his heart is still a crocodile.

Ryan’s book, The Ghost of the Wooden Squid: Random Acts of Poetry by Ryan Buynak, published by indie publishing company Paradisiac Publishing, will be out April 1st and will be sold at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.

Nicole’s Moment

Nicole is a retired ballerina turned registered nurse, and she loves to cook. She has lived her whole life in Los Angeles except for when she got contracts to dance for ballet companies in other states. Of all the places Nicole has been, she left her heart in New York, and through her blog, will be serving up recipes and experiences with the hopes of connecting to other kindred spirits and people in need of encouragement. Nicole feels she has a lot to offer in regards to wisdom from her life experience so far (that which hasn’t killed her seems to have made her stronger), and feels that starting a blog would be a great creative outlet as well. “Killing 2 birds with one stone” as they say. Her next column about New York will most likely not take place until end of March, when Nicole will actually be there scouting out the area and determining where the family will hang their hats come summer.

Broomstick Sweetie’s

Reserved For Rondee

Reserved For Rondee is a local NYC band with a mix of old-school Sublime, Kings of Leon, and a little bit of The Format plus a whole lot of their own unique style.

Jasmine’s Moment

Jasmine Davis moved to Brooklyn at the tender age of 19. She imagined life in the big city to be one big broadway musical. When she isn’t plowing through college courses, she’s writing novels and exploring the city she loves to hate.

Brooklyn or Bust

Gus’s Moment

Gus Herold is a New Mexican currently living in NYC. He likes writing
stuff, going on adventures all over the world, being irresponsible,
drinking beer, and playing hockey. When not in his midtown office, he
can be most usually found at the hockey rink in Long Island City, 169
bar, SPiN New York, or running/biking the Hudson River Pathway. He can
be contacted at

When at a Certain Party in NYC

Amy Schmitt is a creative director, designer, animator, and illustrator at Motion 504. Check out more if her videos on Vimeo and her website!

Joseph’s Moment

Joseph Laurent runs on rocket fuel. You can read his novel at You can also follow Joseph on twitter @josephlaurent

El Guapo’s Moment

El Guapo is looking to enjoy the hell out of himself before real life finally catches up with him…

So far, he’s managed to ski, surf, skydive, hanglide, kayak, scuba dive and see a lot of great live music.

Since he’s married to the most wonderful girl in the world, and has a decent job, El Guapo guesses he’s ahead for the moment…

One day he might manage to decide what he wants to be if he grows up.
But mostly, El Guapo just can’t see the point in growing up…


Amanda’s Moment

Amanda lives on the “Upper Upper East Side” and pays the bills as an Executive Assistant. She spends her time writing, reading, and walking her stubborn Jack Russell. You can follow her musings on and her Twitter @akaymayday.

Chris’ Moment

Chris Vola is the author of a novel, Monkeytown, forthcoming later this year from S A M Publishing. He is the staff chapbook reviewer at Deadly Chaps Press and a contributing books editor at The Brooklyn Rail, and lives on the west side of Manhattan.

Christopher Vola

Joseph P’s Moment

Born Brooklyn, NY, US Government Attorney during Watergate, when he ‘Felt’
uneasy about governments, and laws; later, public company CEO, lobbyist, now,
multimedia artist, published produced playwright (paid royalties), columnist for
leading magazines; his paintings have been published & included in a national
touring exhibition as well as several multimedia exhibitions in NY and other
venues. Published diversity author via major university, Finalist in Stymie
Magazine’s 1st annual collector cards edition. Lifetime Guest Artist @ Kennedy
Center for the Performing Arts via 2006 Playwriting Intensives (invitation only).

You can see more of Joseph Pravda at his website or on YouTube.

NYC // on the issue of time

Matthew Beck is a director and cinematographer working out of New York, NY. Check out more of his videos on Vimeo.

Amy’s Moment

Amy Carlson is a comedian from New Rochelle, NY.  She performs all over the tri-state area, has been a featured comedian on Sirius XM radio and recently wrote a grand prize winning joke for Real Time with Bill Maher.

Check out more of Amy at her website and on Facebook!


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