Team Skeet Discounted Membership

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This is one of my favorite networks around at the moment. Their sites are so damn hot and they always have the best looking girls. If there’s some fresh new piece of ass on the scene, you can rest assured they will track her down and fuck her brains out on camera. Their specialty is amateur and teen content. So if you are at all interested in those niches you have gotta check out Team Skeet. They will most definitely be right up your alley. When you subscribe today, you get to take advantage of their special introductory offer for new members. It’s only $14.87 for your first month. I know this sounds like a fantastic deal, but you will have to pay full price eventually, so I would recommend you just go with the 1 year subscription, which works out to under eight dollars per month. Whatever you decide, you will be getting access to some supremely awesome adult entertainment 😉

Special offer: $14.87 for new subscribers (first month). Only $7.98 if you buy the 12 month membership.

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